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Doctors Group 1 - Nastaran Alvand


  • Dr. James Petros is the founder and medical director of Allied Pain & Spine Institute, sub-specializing in interventional pain management and musculoskeletal care. With his diverse professional and personal backgrounds, Dr. Petros has transcended the sciences of pain and musculoskeletal medicine and captured the art of their practice. His integrated approach and balanced understanding of […]

  • Dr. Parish Vaidya joined Allied Pain & Spine Institute in 2015, bringing with him years of experience in interventional pain management and integrative medicine. His comprehensive approach, diverse skill set, and outstanding dedication to compassionate care set the new standard in modern-day pain care. Dr. Vaidya has the rare designation of being board-certified in three […]

  • Dr. Kristel Nazzal is the lead clinical psychologist at Allied Pain & Spine Institute.  She conducts and directs a variety of psychological services specialized for the pain and injured population.  Growing up in the Bay Area, Dr. Nazzal found fascination with human experiences and emotions at a very early age. After attending University of San Francisco and earning her undergraduate degree in International Business, Dr. Nazzal started work for a multinational corporation. While working […]

  • Dr. Harman Cherra is a chiropractor specializing in providing holistic pain management. He is an advocate of multi-disciplinary medicine, wellness, and disease prevention.  Always empowering patients through education, Dr. Cherra has earned his reputation, not just as a healer, but also a gifted teacher.  A native of San Jose, California, Dr. Cherra obtained his Bachelor […]

  • Nastaran “Nas” Alvand is the clinic coordinator and manager at Allied Pain & Spine Institute (APSI). Coming from an accomplished medical/business background with roots in Paris, France, Nas joined APSI soon after its inception and has since served as an influential leader within the organization. Known for her “patient-first” attitude, warm receptions, service-oriented nature, and […]